Duration: 03min24

"Uncertain Embryo born in a sea of agitated fingers,
His eyes roll on his cheeks, balls to absent ricochets,
Like his women with languid legs that these languishing gentlemen think,
Long hats soft genders
All three more or less erect in the shadow of a drooping ale and the dawn Hawthorn
Good morning Miss
We take off his hat
At the bottom Of which shimmer the child siege and sighing splinters, men trunks as big as fists, devolished will-o'-the-wisps,
as haggard and drunk, lost in the morning wetness,
shaking their flabby bellies with ecstatic hair and their bluish sexes, with sliced necks, gaping orifices, unpublished shells (...) "


"Adobe Awards 2012", semi finalist, USA.