Duration: 20 min
Cathedrale of Amiens

Client: Ville d'Amiens
Artistic direction: Jerome Serane
Production: Marc Vidal
Artists 2D/3D : Vincent Masson, Vadim Androussoff, Philippe Granier, Pierre-Alexandre Loy
Music : Start Rec
Technic : VLS

Chroma proposes to adopt color as the theme of this show through the decomposition of the chromatic spectrum,
an infinite palette of nuances to suggest an evocation of the history of the cathedral and the city by color.
The blue evokes the financing of the construction of the cathedral by the merchants waidiers,
allowing the blue dyeing of the sayings of Amiens or the reflections of the river.
The White suggests pure light, the virgin stone of all pigments but also the clothing of the monastic orders, of the clergy.
The yellow evokes gold, the brilliance of light and royalty. The red can in turn evoke the intensity of a sunset at the same time as the
purifying and sanctifying blood.
Green, although very present in nature, is particularly difficult to reproduce in the Middle Ages. It evokes the presence of the plant, a generous and luxuriant garden.
Finally, the black dramatizes the monument, makes it dark, graphic and mysterious.
Thus, the color chart becomes the storyboard of the show and allows the evocation of the history of a living monument.

Gothic architecture lends itself to disturbing optical games. Broken bows, four-leaf labyrinth form the vocabulary abounding in the service of a captivating aesthetic journey. This show offers a subtle sequence of paintings and moving images.

(text SpectreLab)