AR Interactive experience
Cathedrale St Etienne
Festival Constellations

Vincent Masson & Ferdinand Dervieux
Credits photo: Gilles Wirtz
This project is an augmented reality journey taking place in Cathedral Saint-Etienne at Metz.

Echoing the theme of the videomapping Morphosis, this virtual installation represents the cycle of light
that transforms the cathedral for a day and highlights the richness of its stained glass windows.
The digital sculptures are inspired by the design of the different parts of the videomapping,
as well as fragments of the glass surfaces of the building.
They highlight the relationship between stained glass and light, as well as the multiplicity of colors that compose them.
The goal was to create a work in two stages, wich works at night with videomapping Morphosis and during the day with the augmented reality Morphoses.

The installation is made up of six interactive and animated sculptures visible via a mobile phone or digital tablet.
The spectators are actors of the experience, by activing these digital sculptures via their phones.
They can evolve around these sculptures, interact with them and keep a memory of the experience via the appliciation.